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RE: Setting up network

Firstly, if you are using Debian, all you need to edit are the following

/etc/networking/interfaces	you should include the proper lines so that
the system can locate your eth0

				eth0 inet static
(I think I am missing another part here)

/etc/resolv.conf			for resolving hostnames by pointing
to the nameserver...but if you are running bind locally, then the
ip should be first before the network nameserver ip.

/etc/hosts			for resolving local computer names to local
ip addresses i.e. before the dns (bind).

As for returning to X, use Ctrl F7


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> Sent:	Friday, July 07, 2000 6:42 AM
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> Subject:	Setting up network
> Dear Debian Friends:
> I am working on converting several machines running W95 to a Debian 
> system running Helix-Gnome. My plan is to use Samba to talk to the 
> existing NT server. However, I am unsure as to what the best tool is for 
> network configuration.  Some Linux distributions use linuxconf or 
> netcfg. Is there such a tool in Debian?  Or should I just edit the 
> network, hosts, and ifconfig files?  
> Also, I often find it necessary to use ctrl-alt-f1 to open a virtual 
> terminal and do some work.  I can never get back to the Gnome desktop.  
> Any way to do that without shutting down X?
> I very much appreciate any suggestions!
> Robert
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