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Re: Ethercard Plus Elite 16: (WD/8013EP); Slink, Potato, Corel

On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> > The wd module was there on the list, but install failed. 
> The latest set of boot disks is missing the 8390 module which is
> loaded before the wd module.  That should be fixed soon.

Meanwhile, what could I do? 
What kind of packet to install to get it working?

(It happened so that when I went back to 'slink' and had the Corel LILO
installed... the machine could not boot into win98 at all (It is on
another disk, I need it for some work to do) and so I went back to Corel,
which is otehrwise working now... And now I can boot to Corel or win.
>From Corel the 8930 module seems to be missing too.)


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