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Re: oops..sorry for the blank msg earlier

On Wed, Jul 05, 2000 at 12:18:40AM +0000, john smith wrote:

Strongly suggest you learn to add paraphraphs and whitespace to your

> I have another lazy 
> question, I want to allow another client to connect to the x-Server.how do I 
> do this? i.e.  to allow another user to use the x-server while logged in as 
> a different user. sounds confusing does'nt it?  

Question:  which scenario matches your problem:

    1. You want two users to be able to run on two seperate X Window
       sessions on the same system.  Obviously not interacting with the
       system at the same time if both sessions are running on console,
       but not havin to bail out of a session to allow the other user

    2. You want to be able to run GUI programs under a second UID on the
       same X Session that is already active by a first user.

For 1:

  o Do a console login as the desired userid.
  o Launch an X session to an unused local display.  Assuming your first
    session runs to :0, try:

       startx -- :1 1>.startx.log 2>&1 &

For 2:

  The second user needs to know both the display ($DISPLAY), and have
  xauth access to it.   Again assuming :0 is your active session:

   o User 2 runs:  export DISPLAY=:0
   o User 1 queries xauth:  "xauth list | grep :0"
   o User 2 adds this display to their xauth list.  I'd suggest cut and
     paste through the X Windows clipboard:

        xauth add <xauth cookie for display :1>"

For more information:  man xauth.

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