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Re: Exim and "frozen" message status

* Alec Smith <alec@shadowstar.net> wrote:

> I'm noticing that some messages are stuck in a "frozen" state
> by Exim for days (or weeks) at a time without being sent. What
> does this mean,


If a failure report (either locally generated or received from a
remote host) itself suffers a delivery failure, the message is
left on the queue, but is 'frozen', awaiting the attention of an
administrator. There are options which can be used to make Exim
discard such failure reports, or to keep them for only a short

> and is there a way to force sending of the messages?


There is also an auto_thaw option, which can be used to cause
Exim to retry frozen messages after a certain time. When this is
set, no message will remain on the queue for ever, because the
delivery timeout will eventually be reached. Delivery failure
reports that reach this timeout are discarded.

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