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Re: Sendmail and multiple domains

try this useful doc http://www.sendmail.org/virtual-hosting.html

for each virtual domain you will need to:
    -make an entry "somedomain.com" on local-host-names
    -make an entry "DOMAIN(somedomain.com)dnl" on sendmail.mc
    -make any necessaries email to local user or other email
relationships on
    -create his own
    -run sendmailconfig


Ron Rademaker wrote:

> I got something I want to do with sendmail, what I think is very easy:
> I have some domains running on one server, I need to make pop boxes for
> and mail aliases for all domains. E.g. webmaster@somedomain.com has to go
> to another mailbox as webmaster@otherdomain.com and root@somedomain.com
> has to go to webmaster@somedomain.com and root@otherdomain.com has to go
> to some mailbox.
> Ron Rademaker
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