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running lilo -R as user

I want to be able to boot windoze by pressing ctrl-altgr-delete. I did
this in RedHat 6.2 and it worked nicely:

I put in the /etc/inittab


and godos.sh contains:


   /sbin/lilo -R dos
   /sbin/shutdown -r -t3 now

The problem is that this do not work in debian potato. I guess it is
because RedHat is not so strict on what is run by root as Debian. I must
say I prefer the Debian way.

I'm therefore wondering if somebody could point me in the direction of
documentation so that I can get this to work under Debian too.

Thanks in advance.

Preben Randhol -- [randhol@pvv.org] -- <http://www.pvv.org/~randhol/>
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