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ctags Question

Hello folks,

I've installed Exuberant ctags, that ships with slink.  My problem is
that it's not working properly.

The book "Learning the vi editor" by O'Reilly says that the file created
by ctags uses the following format:
	identifier	filename	search-command

However, when I run `ctags *.[ch]` I get a tags file with the following
	init_module     HF@HF@  /^int

And when I try to use a tag command in VIM, say `:tag init_module`, VIM
will say that the file "HF@HF@" does not exist, which is obviously true.

What am I doing wrong here?

Viktor Rosenfeld
E-Mail:		mailto:rosenfel@informatik.hu-berlin.de
HertzSCHLAG:	http://www.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~rosenfel/hs/

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