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Re: deb

----.deb is a debian package.  You can install this package with "dpkg
-i <file_name.deb>"  See "man dpkg"

The first question, I'm not sure what your trying to say but if your
asking where to find documentation in Debian see --
"man man" and "info" also look at the documentation at the Debian web

To find out what a '.deb' file is you could type in at the prompt --
"apropos deb"

doing that produces results that show --
"deb (5)" and 

so you would then type in --
"man deb" to look at the manpage. This is without the quotes.

> Vitaliy Bondarenko wrote:
>             Exuse me, but how to read your documentation? What is the
> type -----.deb?
> Thank you,
> Vitaliy

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