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webserver inside debian firewall

hey guys:

i am confused on how to set this up. I want to put a webserver inside my firewall.
This is how i set up the firewall.
I am using slink w/ 2.2.15
i have the dhcp-beta package set up to do dhcp for the inside network
i have ipchians to do the Masquearding and ipforwarding enabled in the kernel

how can i set up port 80 to forward through to the inside server, say
i have both MASQ-modules compiled in the kernel.
what rule do i need to add to ipchains ACCEPT for port 80?
do i need any ipportfw or ipmasq packages
someone mention ipmasqadm, but it keeps saying sockoption not available.
can anyone be specific as how to set it up step by step?

specificaly with the 2.2 kernel

thankx for your help


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