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Re: Postgresql 7.02 and Debian

Stefan Nobis <stefan@snobis.de> writes:

> Bill Barnes <bbarnes@operamail.com> writes:
> > Missing files in the compile.
> > The log follows.  Snipped out all the good makes.  This was a second run.
> If you got postgresql with apt-get source... then there are 3 files:
> *.orig.tar.gz
> *.diff.gz
> *.dsc
> The last one, postgresql_7.0.2-2.dsc, contains some description in
> ASCII-text. Try a "cat postgresql_7.0.2-2.dsc" and you will see some
> text which contains a line like
> Build-Depends: libncurses5-dev...
> This line shows you what you'll need to compile this package. Just
> make a apt-get install with all packages listet in the above line and
> then everything will compile fine.
> BTW: In the Build-Depends tcl8.0-dev and tk8.0-dev are listed -- the
> newer versions 8.2 will also do.
> -- 
> Until the next mail...,
> Stefan.

I tried to build postgresql_7.0.2-2 on my PPC, but this fails. There
should be some kind of patch, shouldn't it?


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