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Netscape 4.73 wrapper broken

I've just updated my system to the current frozen, and included in
this update was the installation of netscape 4.73.

When I now run netscape, it bombs out, complaining of:

$ netscape            
/usr/bin/X11/netscape: line 277: syntax error near unexpected token `(c'
/usr/bin/X11/netscape: line 277: `              for f in (cd $d;ls -1 . | sort); do'

Has anyone else had this problem?  Does anyone else know the fix?



P.S. Please cc a copy of any reply directly to me as I currently read
the list only via the archives --- and I can't even do that now that
netscape is not working.

        "They told me I was gullible ... and I believed them!" 

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