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Loading X w/only netscape

I would like to setup an account on my system..

but when a user logs in (via KDM) if possible i don't want it to load a
windowmanager and all i want it to load is netscape, also i want it to log
back out when netscape exits.. is this possible?  

right now i have a user that logs in using afterstep (i can't seem to get
.xinitrc to override kdm's settings) and modified the autoexec to load
netscape on the special page it should be on but i can't get it to logout
afterwards i just put big text in the background that says hit
CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE to logout. i also chsh'd the user to /dev/null so they
can't get a shell(not that security is really an issue right now).

this is basically so someone can enter a generic login and have the
machine show this website when im not around to do it for them.

any ideas?



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