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Get install to Recognize Hard Drive

I can get all the different ways to boot into the install program to work,
but once there, it says I have no hard drive. My partition table is (Not

1st DOS FAT32 vol: Windows98 Size: about 25 GB
2nd DOS FAT32 vol: Linux Size: 2176 MB
3rd and 4th empty

I used fips to shrink Windows98 and am going to change Linux partition into
a 2048 MB Linux Native and a 128 MB Linux Swap during setup. It is a 27 GB
HD. It's really weird because when I go to BIOS setup it isn't in there
either. In System properties in windows it says my HD controller is a Intel
82371AB/EB PCI Bus Master IDE Controller. Under disk drives in the same
place It has a non-removable disk IBM-DPTA -372730. I think this is my hard
drive. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks.

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