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Re: files/dirs under /var/www/

>>>>> "Ethan" == Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:

    Ethan> On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 08:04:07AM +0900, Olaf Meeuwissen
    Ethan> wrote:
    >>  Thanks.  I thought the same thing, but then noticed dwww in
    >> there so I started to wonder.  Should I file that as a bug?
    >> It's only a symlink to /var/lib/dwww/html though ...

    Ethan> i don't know what dwww is, if its one of those
    Ethan> documentation type of things that really is only meant to
    Ethan> be used by local users, it really should not be in the
    Ethan> document root.  instead apache should be configured with a
    Ethan> localhost only entry for /var/lib/dwww like you would do
    Ethan> for /usr/share/doc or such.

dwww is only one such program. Another program is latex2html:


(I suspect that usr/lib is old, but remains on my system).

The problem here (as far is I am aware), is that the maintainer of
latex2html wants the files to be viewable via "file:" and "http:".

See /usr/doc/latex2html/README.debian.gz for details.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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