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Re: port scan logger

> Can I do that even although it's under the "unstable" / woody packages?
> Sorry if this is a stupid question. :) What do I need to watch out for?

   Not a stupid question at all.

   When installing packages from other releases the main thing you have to
worry about is dependencies -- e.g. If I install package Y from
woody/unstable, will it require that I update libc, apache, bash, and/or
other things which I don't want updated from unstable?

   In the case of scanlogd, it doesn't have an odd dependencies -- it'll
install smoothly into potato/frozen.

   The thing to watch out for is new releases.  Unstable is unstable.  Since
you're not tracking woody in dselect or sources.list, you're not going to
automatically be notified if a new version or bug fix release of scanlogd
comes out.

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