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Can anyone help me with recompiling my kernel?  I'm relatively new to Linux and am running the Corel V1.0 which is basically Debian.  I've read all the man and HOWTO pages and none of the commands specified seem to work.  I'm getting errors from "make config," "make xconfig,"  and "menuconfig" like: "nothing to do," "target not specified," and "rules not found."  What I want to do is reconfigure the kernel to just get rid of unneeded stuff (i.e. SCSI, RAID, etc) and add a NE2000 driver to get my network card working.  Who wants to help?  Please just give me the steps, at this point I don't care if I have to reinstall the system again.  I also did a full install so point me to the right directories for source and whatnot.

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