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hosts.allow not allowing hosts

Hi all,

Like a good paranoid user, I protect my dial-up machine with both a
firewall using ipchains, and also using tcp wrappers to add a further
layer of security.

Sometimes I find it convinient to scp things to my machine for the
outside world, so I leave my ssh port open (I'm using gShield as my
firewall, and highly recommend it). However, I've found that I can't
connect my ssh port from outside when online.

Digging around for a solution, I found that I had the following in


Which I vaguely remember having put there because of aforementioned
paranoia. This shouldn't have been a problem, I wouldn't have thought as
long as I had the correct line in hosts.allow, as the hosts_access(5)
man page says that allow is checked before deny.

However, I can't get the hosts.allow bit working.

I've tried putting
ssh: ALL



in hosts allow, but neither works. Commenting out the sole line in
hosts.deny does, however, allow incoming ssh to work, so obviosuly it's
just a matter of having the correct line in allow.

Can anyone tell me what that line should be. Maybe I'm overlooking
something obvious, but I can't work it out.



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