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Matrox frame buffer not working

Hi folks,

I'm sure I have seen something similar to this problem on the list
recently, but I wasn't able to find anything helpful in the list

I recently installed a Matrox Mystique in my debian machine, which had
been in my windows machine for a few years until I got a new card. I
used to run the VGA16 framebuffer with no worries, but thought it would
be cool to run in something other than minimum resolution and 16 colours
on the console.

I recomiled my 2.2.15 kernel, removing the VGA16 framebuffer, and
inserting the matrox framebufer as a module.

I rebooted with the new kernel, and at the lilo prompt typed in:

linux video=matrox:vesa:0x114

(which should give me 800x600x16bit), according to the matrox
framebuffer documentation in the kernel sources.

The new kernel proceeded to load, but only with the standard VGA text
console - no sign of a framebuffer to be seen. However, if I tried
modprobing matroxfb, the framebuffer will load correctly, and can be set
from fbset. There was no error or anything when using the lilo line
(typed in maually at the "lilo:¨ prompt, not "append"ed in lilo.conf),
it just didn't appear.

My preference is to have it load automatically, which I'd believed it
should do giving my lilo command line (isn't the idea that kmod
automatically loads modules when needed?). Any idea what I'm doing
wrong? If I'd compiled it in would it have made a difference?

Any pointers greatly appreciated.



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