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What version of PPP...


I was wondering what the version for PPP is in Potato. When I boot up I see
that it's 2.3.7, yet when I run pppd -v, I get 2.3.11. I realise that there
can be differences between the kernel driver and the daemon, but is this
large version difference okay?

My main reason for asking is that I'm trying to get a 128K ISDN connection
to work with a Zyxel TA and the FAQ on their UK site says that the 2.3.8
version of PPP is needed, suggesting to look for this with dmesg and the
following should be seen: "PPP: version 2.3.8 (demand dialling)"

So, if they are indeed talking about the kernel driver (The message is the
kernel driver one isn't it?), where can I get patches to the 2.2.15 kernel
for this?

Many thanks,

P.S. If this list is not appropriate for this question, please let me know
where to direct it.

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