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OT: Floppy disk change detection - auto mounts?

One thing that has always surprised me on Linux is that there doesn't seem
to be any automatic mount/umount handling of floppy drives (DOS format).

I guess I'm thinking of something similar to the pcmcia card manager that
detects insert/remove events and automatically loads and unloads drivers.

Perhaps there is and I missed it?

/dev/fd0         /dosa       msdos       user,noauto

I mount with:  mount /dosa

If I pop out the floppy and put in another, "ls" still shows the contents
of the first floppy.

Having to umount/mount for every floppy gets tedious! Is there some
feature that I don't know about to help with this?

I just switched from WABI to Wine for running Quicken. WABI accessed the
floppy device directly and didn't need any external help. With
Wine/Quicken, I have to do the mount/umount each time. Quicken2000 backup
files don't fit on one floppy. I'm new to wine and not very trusting
yet so I backup my work every 10 or 20 minutes.


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