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NFS Submounts (fixed; recap)

   I posted a problem regarding mounting drives under NFS, here's a recap
and the solution.

Problem:  I had an arrangement like this on the NFS server:
/dev/hdb1 = /home/ftp/pub
/dev/hdc1 = /home/ftp/pub/linux/debian

   And I wanted to export the entire "tree" out via NFS.

   After mounting the /home/ftp/pub tree on a client, I would get fh_verify
errors on the server when I tried to do an ls (or otherwise access) in the
debian subdirectory.  Using NFS exports' hide/nohide, trying to mount both
partitions separately on the client, all other quick fixes wouldn't work.

Solution: The problem was that I was using the Linux kernel NFS services. 
Switching to Debian's pre-packaged user-space NFS server fixed the problem

Hope this saves someone else some headache...

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