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RE: Notice: GR to remove non-free support from Debian

From: Brad [mailto:lists@anomie.ods.org]
> While getting rid of non-free is a noble goal, i don't feel 
> that Debian
> can do it now without losing support from some parts of the Free
> Software community (look at the reaction over KDE, and then think of
> Netscape, LyX, etc etc etc) and without losing a good measure of
> functionality. i also question the removal of software that is open
> source but not DFSG free because of restrictions on commercial sale.

I agree with this sentiment. Debian is by far my preferred Linux
distribution, but the "DFSG free or nothing" attitude is a little hard-core
for me. I don't see any problem with segregating non-DFSG-free stuff from
the fully DFSG-free software, but rejecting it altogether from Debian does
little to help.

I am aware that one of the key distinguishing features of Debian is that it
is a strictly free system - however, focusing solely on this misses the
equally important point, that Debian is by far the most robust and
consistent Linux distribution, which is a strong argument that free software
can and does produce quality software.

The endless issues over free vs non-free and other license-related issues
makes Debian look more like license nit-pickers than anything else. This
doesn't seem to me to be a good image to have. It's not done the GNU project
much good, and it would be a shame if Debian had the same problems.

The present situation is a good compromise between ideals and realism. Why
change something that works?


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