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Re: PCMCIA modules recompilation: Undefined symbols

Christophe TROESTLER <Ch.Troestler@linkline.be> writes:
> I needed to recompile a kernel to support some hardware on my laptop.
> Thus also the PCMCIA modules needed to be build.  I issued:
> 	make-kpkg modules_clean
> 	make-kpkg modules_image
> and installed.  All went fine.  Except with depmod (in the postinstall
> script or otherwise) which gives me `Unresolved symbols' for the
> PCMCIA modules (even for PCMCIA_core).
> I compiled from the Debian packaged kernel & PCMCIA sources, namely:
> 	kernel-source-2.2.15 1:2.2.15-2
> 	pcmcia-source        3.1.8-13
> Any help would be very much appreciated --- especially as I have to
> reboot with the old kernel to get connected..

Just turn off the MODVERSIONS when you build the kernel. There's a
little glitch in how the PCMCIA stuff gets built. This is a known
"issue/bug" and you can see it via the Debian bug tracking system on
the web at:


There's also a script that the maintainer has posted that fixes the
problem. The script is in the email that's associated with the bug
report above. Personally, like I said, I just quit building my kernels
with MODVERSION. It's useful if you have binary-only modules to load,
but I don't and it was just a habit for me to compile the kernels that
way that I started using long ago.


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