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Re: Ipchains Questions

i really dont think you know what yer talkin about :)

what do u mean by 'stealth' ????

the firewall i set on your box will not affect outgoing traffic in any
way.  and as for blocking 139, it is blocking it, showing it as 'closed'
is GOOD, that is what would show up if there was nothing running on that


On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Jay Kelly wrote:

neutec >Hello Im running Potato for a firewall with ipchains. I would like to
neutec >increase my security and currently have all ports stealth except 25 smtp, 79
neutec >Finger, 80 http. If I make these ports stealth will this affect the ability
neutec >to use the web and mail? I also tried to make netbois stealth but if still
neutec >shows as closed. I used :
neutec >/sbin/ipchains -A input -s -d $MY_IP 139 -p tcp -j REJECT
neutec >
neutec >Why is this now working??
neutec >Thanks
neutec >
neutec >
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