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Re: how does one redirect the input for a terminal ?

Hi Jan,
as you can see in man zip: row 515

       -P password
              use  password  to encrypt zipfile entries (if any).
              THIS IS INSECURE!  Many multi-user  operating  sys­
              tems  provide  ways for any user to see the current
              command line of any other user; even on stand-alone
              systems  there  is  always  the threat of over-the-
              shoulder peeking.  Storing the  plaintext  password
              as part of a command line in an automated script is

Info-ZIP              14 August 1999 (v2.3)                     8

ZIP(1L)                                                   ZIP(1L)

              even worse.  Whenever possible, use  the  non-echo­
              ing,  interactive  prompt to enter passwords.  (And
              where  security  is  truly  important,  use  strong
              encryption  such  as Pretty Good Privacy instead of
              the relatively weak encryption provided by standard
              zipfile utilities.)

hope that helps...


Jan Pfeifer wrote:
> hi all,
> I'm trying to compress with passwords a couple of hundred files using
> "zip" (I have to use this, as some of the compressed files will go to
> windoze users), but "zip" only seems to take the password from a
> terminal, so I can't use the "<" redirector of bash. Is there a way of
> fooling it, so it reads from a file, believing it to be a terminal ?
> Or any other way round ?
> cheers to all and thanks for any help!
> jan
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