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Re: Suspend and X

> I set replies to go to debian-laptop.

And you added debian-user to the addresses?

> I actually posted one solution to the debian-laptop list this morning. I
> force the laptop to switch to vt 1 when it suspends. Add the following
> script to /etc/apm/event.d/01chvt (be sure it's executable):

How important is that specific filename? I assume it is simply to
determine in which order the scripts are executed... any specific reason
why it should be executed early?

> #!/bin/sh
> # change to vt1 when suspending to keep X from locking
> if [ "$1" = suspend ]; then
>   chvt 1
> fi
> Of course after suspending the system comes back up on vt 1, but I can
> easily switch back to X if it keeps the system from crashing.

I still have my case statement in there, to not switch if it is currently
on tty[1-9]. It seems to work very well if I use "apm -s" as root, but if
I close the laptop display, it doesn't switch and it locks up... any

Hugo van der Merwe

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