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Re: Question about a module ne

> I am new to linux and i am installing my ne200 compatible net card.  I
> dont know how to enter the parameters for this module to work.  I have
> tried
> insmod ne i/o=0x280 irqval=11
> but have not worked.
> Thanks for the help

According to the Ethernet-HOWTO, some ne2000 clones don't behave exactly like real ne2000 cards.  In order to overcome this you need to pass an option to the kernel with an "append" line in your lilo.conf, or at boot time.  Since I do not know what specific card you are using I can only reccomend that you read the Ethernet-HOWTO with special consideration to the section "3.4. Problems with NE1000 / NE2000 cards (and clones)" and tell you how I solved my similar problem.

I installed some very inexpensive NE2000 clones made by Davicom when building my home network, and the kernel reported "not found..." during boot.  The solution was to tell the kernel that I had a "bad" clone by loading the kernel with the argument "linux ether=0,0x280,0,0xbad,eth0"  This worked well for me, but you may need a different io adress for your card, or your problem may be entirely diofferent.  Read the ethernet-HOWTO. I believe that there are 15 different identified and fixable problems with the NE2000 and clones listed in the ethernet-HOWTO.

good luck and have fun!

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