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Re: Send an DNS Message

> Tran Van Tan wrote:
> Hi !
> How do I enable an DNS message and send it to nameserver ?

Uh... maybe it's just a terminology problem, or language
problem, but...

One doesn't _send_ DNS messages to a nameserver, one
sends DNS _queries_.  This is handled in the resolver
library, or kernel networking handler, enabled by
an entry of

hosts:	dns	# or "dns files" or "files dns" ...

in /etc/nsswitch.conf,

and directed to an appropriate nameserver with
an entry such as

nameserver	# replace with the closest nameserver in your

in /etc/resolv.conf

There can be, typically, three effective entries of nameserver ...;
if the first is unreachable, then the second is tried, and so on.
It is a shortcut to be able to leave off the domain if
entries of

domain somecollege.edu.vn
search anotheruniversity.edu.vn,somebusiness.com.vn

are also in /etc/resolv.conf

For command-line access to DNS, use 'nslookup'.
See also DNS-HOWTO, for example at
or the DNS-HOWTO.txt at your favorite documentation repository.

> Thanks.

Anytime....  Almost...

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