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Re: kernel-image 2.2.15

Martijn Meijers <martijnm@hetnet.nl> writes:
> On my machine running Debian Woody I've downloaded kernel-source 2.2.15
> and compiled my own kernel using make-kpkg. That worked fine.
> But when I run 'apt-get upgrade' now, it's automatically downloading
> kernel-image-2.2.15-2.2.15-1.deb. And that's not what I want. Just want to
> use my own kernel-image, otherwise my network- and soundcard won't work.
> Maybe someone has got an idea to fix this?

For some reason the kernel maintainer had to use an "epoch" in the
kernel-image version. You'll need to use your own and make it greater
than the one in the archive. Generally epoch numbers are used to fix a
mistake in numbering the first time around so you don't see epoch
numbers much greater than 1 or 2 so I generally use 5. Here's what I

make-kpkg --revision 5:homePC.1 --bzimage kernel_image


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