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RE: kernel-image 2.2.15

This happened to me last night. I made a quick and dirty fix. Probably there
is a better one.

What I did: I ran dselect and marked my kernel image as "on hold" (find your
kernel image in the selection list and type an "=").

Now apt-get don't try to upgrade my package anymore.

Anyhow this is weird, as I didn't have to do this before. Maybe they changed
the version number order, I have to take a look on that.

My 2 cents,

Paulo Jose da Silva e Silva <rsilva@ime.usp.br>
Aluno de doutorado em Matematica Aplicada (Ph.D. Student in Applied Math.)
Universidade de Sao Paulo - Brazil
"Que o codigo esteja com voce" :-)        ("May the code be with you") :-)

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