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Re: UPS - setserial - baud_base?

Quoting Johann Spies (jhspies@adept.co.za):
> Now I have a few questions about he setup and software. According to
> the documentation "The port must be set to run at 2400 baud,
> gety/login off, modem control enabled."
> [...]
> 1. Does that mean that I have to do a setserial /dev/ups baud_base
> 38400(16*2400) to get 2400 baud? (I made a symlink /dev/ups -->
> /dev/ttyS2). I have tried the baud_base 2400 option but setserial
> would not accept it.

No. Lying to setserial about your baud_base will result in a
mysterious change in your serial interface speed. E.g. doubling
baud_base will make the UART divide by 2 one extra time, which will
half the speed of the port as you didn't really increase the speed
of the oscillator.

Use stty. But I've never got the -F switch to work. You redirect
/dev/ttyS2 to standard input instead: stty options... < /dev/ttyS2

> 2. Do I have to use the ^hup_notify option to disable getty/login on
> the port?

I don't think so. Just don't start a getty on ttyS2 in /etc/inittab.
(There shouldn't be one unless you put it there.)

> 3. What is "modem control" and how do I enable it on a serial port?

stty again. The clocal switch decides whether carrier detect is
required, for example. crtscts controls hardware handshaking.
You need Not Local.


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