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Re: time problems

Quoting john smith (inquirer23@hotmail.com):
> I was wondering if anybody also experienced this problem...I use a dual boot 
> system (debian/win98) and when I use debian and set the correct time/date 
> the nxt time I boot into windows it shows me the wrong time/date so I set it 
> again...then again when I boot into debian..same thing happens over and 
> over..is there a way I can make the time/date consistent on the  machine?

"Wrong...". Are you changing the time each time by the amount of your
timezone correction? If so, are you running the hardware clock on
GMT/UTC? This won't work because the broken OS insists on the clock
being set to local time. You need to change the setting in
/etc/default/rcS (see comment in file for exactly what to change because
it's different in potato/slink IIRC).


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