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Re: Installing from CD-ROM from dselect

Preben Randhol <randhol@pvv.org> wrote on 06/06/2000 (12:15) :
> But my question is. Is there an easy way (in dselect) to tell the
> program that I want to install from a series of cdroms and not from the
> net. I don't have any net at all on my machine so I will have to install
> programs from CDs.

I see from a tutorial I just found that there should have been a
multi_cd menu choice, but there wasn't (I'm quite sure it was only
floppy, nfs and apt). But I had to use the unofficial potato from
ftp.fsn.hu as every time I tried to download the official test-cycle-1
CDs with rsync on an NT machine, it said that the file was corrupted
right after I had gotten the whole image downloaded. :-(

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