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Re: exim setup

On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 08:49:17AM -0300, Mario Olimpio de Menezes was only 
   escaped alone to tell thee:

> to test the installation. Everything was OK but exim and consequently,
> fetchmail (since there is no response from localhost on port 25).
> My exim is configured to send and receive Internet mail (#1 option). 
> Any other hint on this?

I remember the exim installation asking if it wished to be run in daemon 
mode (for #2, at least, ISP using mail relay). You should have answered yes 
to this question in eximconfig. I have exim running (I was using sendmail, 
but am experimenting a bit with MTA's) and have noticed it doesn't show up 
in "ps ax" even in daemon mode.

In the meantime, until you fix this, adding:

mda "formail -s procmail"

to ~/.fetchmailrc will bypass port 25 and drop it to the MDA directly. With 
no ~/.procmailrc, procmail will put mail in your spool dir as normal, no 
change. If you do normally use procmail to filter and delievr mail, and have 
an rc file, exim will run procmail automagically.

When you get your MTA of choice running, you may then remove the mda line.

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