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Re: Install Problem - Fails on Boot

> Hello,
>     I am new to Linux and looking for some help.  I am trying to load
> version 2.1 on a Pentium MMX 133.  I can boot from the CD-ROM, it starts
> loading, spews some messages and hangs on the last message of:
> hdb: DF6910C(-D18)2, ATAPI CDROM drive
> and absolutely refuses to go any further.  If I leave it for an hour or so
> the screen eventually goes black.  I have a sound card, a modem, a video
> card, no other extras.  Any suggestions?

There are probably better ways but you can boot from floppies while inserting 
each card you got one at a time. Hopefully you will be able to isolate the 
You should also verify that all your hardware is supported and that you do not 
need to give the kernel any additional parameters. There might be some boot 
HOWTO that can help.
I am not surprised that you can boot from the CD-ROM since this is done by 
your BIOS.

> Thanks,
> Janet
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