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Re: Mailing list managers

On Sun, Jun 04, 2000 at 11:08:36AM -0400, Randy Edwards wrote:
>    With today's announcement that majordomo is going to be dropped from
> Debian, I was wondering if I could spark up a discussion as to the pros/cons
> of other Debian-packaged mailing list programs.
>    What other mailing list managers are you using?  (I've only used
> majordomo and mailman.)  What are their strengths and weaknesses?  How about
> their requirements (e.g. require Apache or a web-based cgi module)?

mailman is decent.  Under active development at python.org, and has both
e-mail and web interfaces.  Somewhat limiting at times, so it's probably
an aquired taste, but worth a shot.

Numerous LUG's in the area are using it here in Denver, and they all
seem relatively happy with it.  I used it under Slink for a while and
had no problems doing some short-term mailing lists for projects where
we needed a group discussion list.

www.mailman.org I believe also if I'm not mistaken will get you to their
home page.  It should be linked off of python.org somewhere too.

My biggest complaint was a personal one, I don't know python so I
couldn't tweak it!  :)  Any language that actually cares about
whitespace somehow just bothers me a little bit... too much Perl in my
blood I guess.

Nate Duehr <nate@natetech.com>

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