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Got a couple of questions.  First, How can I get my SB16 pnp to work in linux? 
I've had a couple of fairly experienced Debian users try to work their magic,
but to now avail.  I'm using a 2-OS system, Windoz on a 10-GB HD (hda) and
Potato (ver on a 4-GB HD (hdb1, hdb2).  Have lilo option installed
during bootup.  Sorry I can't give you the error messages these guys were
running into, as they were in my box remotely. 

The second question is involves Star Office.  I'm trying to convert my usage
completely from Windoz to Linux, and have loaded up Star Office to manage most
of the documents I'll be working with.  However, I've created many documents
using Word 2000, and Star Office doesn't appear to have the font support.  Is
there someplace I can download fonts comparable to the .TTL's used in Word? 
Or are there better recommendations for a Linux substitute to Microsmurf Word?

Thanx and 73,

JC Portlock KE6UME
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