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Re: suid

In /etc/fstab you will see lines similar to this:

/dev/hda2	/Windows	vfat	defaults	0 2

The first is the device name, second mount point, third file sytem, next
comes the options,dump then pass. in the options category, you can specify
that a mountable device is for users by adding the word user. ie.
user,auto. And you may need to give the user the right to rwx the mount
point down. To do this on the above example, as root type the following
	chmod -R 777 /Windows
This will give read write and execute priveleges to all users. 

If you want only certain normal users to have priveleges you will need to
use chown to change ownership and then fiddle with chmod.

On Sun, 4 Jun 2000, Daniel Burrows wrote:

> How do I set-up suid so that normal users can read and write to a fat32
> parition? Please 'CC' me in a reply.
> Thanks.
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