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Re: LILO boot problem


>I don't know if it would help you, but I got error 0x01...which was
>I forgot to enable the disk in my BIOS.

In fact my error is 0x01, as yours. In my BIOS I too haven't enabled the
IDE disk. This hasnt been a problem to Linux so far as it bypasses the
BIOS in many cases AFAIK.

Now, upon booting I see that /dev/hdb has the CHS figures 1010 / 16 /
51. Even when using those, the BIOS errors telling me it couldn't
recognise any IDE disk!

The disk is a Quantum LPS420A-2. I saw that hdb indicates that the disk
isn't on first position on the IDE cable, so I changed it to first, but
funnily the disk still shows up as hdb when booting. This is weird, or
am I just missing something?
I did this as I the BIOS wouldn't let me enter data for the second IDE
device if the first one was unused.

Hmm, this is really tricky. Help is appreciated as always.


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