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Re: Modules

what kind of controller is the cdrom hooked up to? the onboard ide
controller? if so you need no module, if it is hooked up to a sound card
or something you must specify the soundcard or other controller for
someone to assist you. 

as for the modem is it a hardware modem? what com port is it set to? what
brand/model is the modem?


On Sat, 3 Jun 2000, T wrote:

icy4 >Hi,
icy4 >i just got a cd drive for my computer and i was wondering what module i should install to use it?  It is a 40x Diamond Data.  Could someone please help me.  I also got an internal modem.  How do i get it to recognise this?  When i try to set up a ppp account, it will not detect it as a modem.
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