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Re: staroffice

Do yourself a favor and (as root) make change your umask to 022.
I had mine set to 077, and SOME (but not all) files were unreadable/unwritable
to anyone but root.   Since some files were OK, this led me to believe the
Staroffice install scripts fail to set permissions on SOME of the files.  I
filed a bug report with Sun, and the tech support seemed to agree.


On 02-Jun-2000 Eric Gillespie, Jr. wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 01, 2000 at 05:57:24PM -0700,
> Joseph de los Santos <jhou@info.com.ph> wrote:
>> hi, I recently installed staroffice and it works on only one
>> user (the default one) and I was wondering how I can make my
>> other users be able to use it too because when other users try
>> to execute soffice nothing happens. I tried changing the
>> permissions (chown, chgrp, chmod, and anything else I can think
>> of but still nothing happens). Hopefully somebody here can shed
>> some light on what I can do abt this.
> Star Office is incredibly stupid. You have to install it with the
> '/net' option, and then each user who wants to run it has to run
> the setup program.
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