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Re: Getting debian installed on an off-line machine

On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Preben Randhol wrote:

> I'm planning to install debian on my machine at home. Since potato is
> not finished yet I thought that I'd install slink (2.1-r4 there are two
> iso-images from December 1999 available).
> But I need to have an up to date version of at least Ada (gnat),
> Gtk+, GtkAda and vim packages and preferably more. So I thought, can I
> install slink and then download say the frozen potato distribution and
> put it on a couple of CDs and then somehow update all the packages
> needed? 
Installing anything else than the soon to be released Debian/potato is a
complete waste of time and effort IMHO.  Other than not being released as
"stable" to the public, potato (with a few assorted packages from woody)
has proven to be just stable enough on various installations i did in the
last three months.  IMHO it's even already time for "potato and a half"
instead of only releasing potato... ;-)

If i were you i *definitely* wouldn't bother with slink anymore at all and
go potato right from the start.  Especially since you are installing on
your home machine which is offline.

                                  Cheers, P. *8^)
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