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Re: Error Message

Jay Kelly wrote:
> Hello guys,
> I just compiled my kernel 2.2.12 for ip_masq and now after rebooting  I
> receive an error: unresolved symbol in lib/modules/ip_masquerading ....
> but I cant read it in time. What will I need to do to fix this?

I think your modules.dep file is not up-to-date. Read man page of depmod
how to create a new one. You can also _rename_ modules.dep, so it should
be automatically regenerated (correct me if I am wrong!). You can quit
safely try it, because your system should be able to run even without

Did you install a new kernel witch was same version as previous? Did you
also move your old modules from /usr/lib/modules/<kernel-version> to
somewhere else before installing modules? I think I got same kind of
messages when I didn't move the modules before install.

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