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Re: which echo understand \n

On Thu, Jun 01, 2000 at 05:03:09PM -0300, suntong001@yahoo.com wrote:
> hi,                  
> The /bin/echo I used to use in Solaris understand \n and \t stuffs    
> by default. Is there any trick I can play so that I don't need to 
> specify the -e parameter for echo? 
> The reason I'm asking is that debian is the only un*x I've used that 
> /bin/echo don't interprate \n... by default. I've already wirtten 
> tons of scripts using /bin/echo. Please help. 

In a script, it's considered good practice (well, by some) to create
environment variables for executables.  Usually the argument is that you
can then invoke the executable without worrying about path.  You can
also specify arguments though, if needed.

For your script:

 o Change all occurances of "echo" to "$echo" (you might want to


 o Add:
    echo="/bin/echo -e"

...and you're set.

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