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Re: TNT2-OpenGL-Mesa

Didi Damian <ddamian@home.com> writes:

> I followed their instructions and got GL working. i've only tested it
> with xscreensaver-gl. It works but the screen flickers pretty bad in
> OpenGL screensavers. I'm quite interested to see what results you
> achieve.

Many (all?) of the opengl demo programs won't do double buffering
unless you pass them a parameter.  It was something like `-DB' but I
don't remember exactly.  This would account for the flickering.



> * Bryan Scaringe <bryan.scaringe@computer.org> [25-05-2000 11:37 PM -0400]
> > Does anyone know step-by-step instructions for installing NVIDIA's
> > OpenGL libraries?  The instructions on their website imply that all I have to
> > do is remove my libMesaGL and make a symlink from that to their libGL.
> > But won't a new version of the mesag3 package undo that?  It also fails to
> > mention mesa's libGL.   Finally, the Mesa docs almost seem to imply that
> > libMesa is depreciated in favor of libGL, but they are two different files!
> > 
> > I'm finding all of this very confusing.  Anyone got this woking with Quake II?
> > 
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