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free partition magic type thing

does anyone know of a free software equivalent of partition magic? including
the ability to alter the size and features of existing partitions? i'm thinking
it's about time there was one and i might get desperate enough to write my
own if anyone else thinks it's a good idea (don't quote me on this, the thought
only just occured to me...)

what i'm figuring is that if we want to push free software, we've got to make
it more accessible. a lot of people only want to try out linux at first, and
are put off when they find they need to go buy partition magic or whatever
to make room for linux. it would be nice to be able to say to these soon to
be linux devotees "hey, look! there's a free software equivalent to do it for
you! isn't free software grand! *nudge nudge*".

email me directly (rmarlow@tartarus.uwa.edu.au) for any info on existing 
software or support for the need of writing some. if there isn't any existing
such software and anyone has any ideas of where i should start and what 
problems i'm likely to encounter i'm all ears. atm my thoughts are just along
the lines of "i need something to do this" and don't actually know the
depth of the task i'm talking about. something else like norton's ghost would
also be nice... but anyway, details of any kind regarding this would be most
welcome. thanks


da Bobstopper

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