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Re: svga and mouse questions

On Wed, May 31, 2000 at 09:23:07PM +0100, Lee Elliott wrote:
> Hello list,
> I've just set up my first x86 Debian system after practising with it on
> my Amiga (m68k) - gone pretty smoothly too, due to this, and the m68k
> lists.  However...
> I'm using a PS2 mouse via /dev/psaux and I'm not using gpm (I had the
> fairly common 'X' problems that I've seen posted often enough, when I
> tried, both on m68k and x86, but I've not investigated further yet). 
> What I haven't been able to find is how to set the double-click time,
> and haven't seen any references to it in any of the docs I've read - any
> 'pointers' anyone?

It would appear from man X, that you can set the multiClickTime resource
in ~/.Xresources, presumably in milliseconds.

! $HOME/.Xresources
*multiClickTime: 500

> Also, I'm having trouble using svgalib apps - e.g. quake-svga fails not
> finding /dev/fb/0  This has confused me a bit because I am familiar with
> /dev/fbn etc. from using the fbdev sever on m68k and they already appear
> to have been set up, presumably during the xserver-svga installation. 
> quake-x11 runs ok in a window.

Hmm, different device naming scheme.  Maybe try (cd /dev ; ./MAKEDEV
update) and see if it switches to this alternate scheme.  I believe the
2.4 kernels will use this type of naming for most devices... Anyone?

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