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Hello everybody,

I have installed imwheel and it is running well only for netscape navigator
the wheelmouse is not working.

These are the settings in my .imwheelrc file (for Netscape Navigator)

Shift_L,	Down,	Page_Down,	1,	1000,	1000
Shift_L,	Up,	Page_Up,	1,	1000,	1000
None,		Down,	Down,		7,	1000,	1000
None,		Up,	Up,		7,	1000,	1000
None,		Left,	Left,		7,	1000,	1000
None,		Right,	Right,		7,	1000,	1000

#Alt_L,		Down,	Alt_L|Right
#Alt_L,		Up,	Alt_L|Left
 Alt_L,		Down,	Right,		10,	1000,	1000
 Alt_L,		Up,	Left,		10,	1000,	1000

These settings don't seem to work.
In fact, can somebody explain me what this means and how I can change them
to get the wheelmouse (Logitech) working under Netscape Navigator.


Stefan Goeman.

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