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Re: is there a gui frontend in X for dialing ppp?

montefin wrote:
> Wellllllll..."pon" and "poff", and let's not overlook "plog" _are_
> elegantly tiny and simple, _but_ since my ISP instituted 'idle-time
> disconnects' I don't always know whether I'm connected or not. A little
> on/off light thingie might be nice to check before doing an apt-get, a
> perl -MCPAN or a wget.
> AAMOF, since "pon's" man page is also elegantly tiny and simple, I have
> not found if or how it can be activated by an application yet.
> Anyone know? Then I could care less about a little light thingie.

Well, Gnome-Dialup detects when a connection drops, and pops up a window
asking what you want to do.
I think you must read Gnome-Dialup's source code.


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