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Re: gdm Question (I think)

Hello Jay,

On Mon, 29 May 2000, Jay Kelly wrote:

> Hello Guys,
> I'm currently using Gnome and starting it with "startx" I changed the
> .xsession so that O could start it from the console but when it starts I am
> no longer asked for a login name and pass. I want to be able to start gdm (I
> think that's what it is) so I have a choice to select from Gnome or Debian
> or Xwindows. Any idea's how I can accomplish this?

GDM gives you a login prompt. But what you want is some way to select
which Window-Manager/Desktop to use. This can be achieved by using
If you start X using startx, you'll get a little menu, where you can
choose from the Window-Managers, which are installed on the system.
Note: by giving entries like gnome-session and the like, you can not only
select Window-Managers but also different sessions!
The package contains a sample .xsession file for your home-directory. Try
to find it and use it. If you just put the wmanager command at the end of
your .xsession file, X will exit right after startup (It is left as an
exercise to the reader, to find out why (pretty logical)).


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